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About Us

Welcome to Deja New Palletable Creations. 

Deja New Palletable Creations is a home based business on the Central Coast NSW recycling, yep, you guessed it, pallet timber, and giving it new life in the form of custom made indoor/outdoor furniture, decorative, practical and utility items for inside or outside your home, your workplace, your shed, or wherever you find a need.

This business has been up and running since January 2018. We were inspired to get started by all the interesting posts online about using pallet timbers for all manner of things, most of which is predominantly from the USA.  

We thought by getting involved it would be a great way to do our small part in helping the environment by recycling something that is otherwise just going to be reduced to waste and end up as landfill here in Australia. It’s not only environmentally damaging, it’s such a shame to see all that good timber just being dumped, especially when you consider the energy, and subsequent CO2 released into the atmosphere, that has gone into creating the pallets in the first place. By recycling the timber, it will help balance the emissions and with long term use, perhaps even become carbon neutral.

But what about the energy we use to make our creations, I hear you ask, well, we use sustainable energy, Greenpower, for the production of our creations and only use eco-friendly water based products, products that don’t release toxic amounts of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) into the atmosphere.

We also contribute to the conservation of native wildlife and their habitats with a percentage of every sale going towards the Plant a Tree for Me initiative by the Foundation for the National Parks & Wildlife (

We design and build our products to last, we don’t want to see them ending up on the trash heap because of flimsy manufacture or end up as landfill if they haven’t been up to the task, there's already too many cheap mass-produced products on the market today. 

Of course we’re in business to stay in business, we have to make it sustainable. But having said that, our profits are minimal, we want our creations to be affordable, and we want to build a good reputation for what we do by helping you, our customer to be completely satisfied with your purchase. 

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