Our business is not just about saving pallets from going to landfill, but it's also about being eco responsible, which is the core ethos of our business. All our creations are made with this in mind, from the finishes we use, the source of our electricity down to even what we do with the scraps of timber, we even recycle the nails pulled from the timber.

A study commissioned by the EPA in 2012 found that over 140,000 tonnes of pallets went to landfill in the Sydney area alone. With a bit of creativity & by helping the environment, these can be turned into something bespoke, practical, functional, comfortable and desirable which looks great, enhancing any decor.

By reusing timber, the service life is extended reducing the need for a new product and also reduces any greenhouse gas emissions that are created from having to farm and mill new timber, although it uses small amounts of energy in the manufacturing process compared to plastic and metal. In addition to that, the carbon contained within the recycled timber is stored for the life of the wood.

Recycled timber can be reused, or remanufactured, into a large range of useful products or even used as bioenergy, displacing the use of greenhouse intensive fossil fuels. 
Reusing and recycling wood packaging, such as pallet timber, can result in reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. For example 670 kg of carbon dioxide (equivalent) is saved for each tonne of wood packaging diverted from landfill.

Eco awareness is important to us all & as users of creations from old pallets, you can not only enjoy something which looks good & adds rustic charm, but can also be proud in the knowledge that your purchase is eco-responsible.

Why Pallets?

There's many reasons why, such as;

  • To save them from going to landfill
  • Recycle & upcycle, giving new life to reclaimed timber
  • Creates rustic charm
  • Used timbers offer an appealing patina
  • Pine is a beautiful timber
  • The right creation in the right setting can look amazing
  • Great conversation piece
  • Adds character and style to any situation

All sorts of fantastic useful things can be created from pallet timbers to fit a multitude of purposes.

Below will give you an idea of where a creation from pallet timbers can be used...


  • Living areas
  • Bathroom
  • Bedroom
  • Laundry
  • Entertainment areas
  • Around the garden

Shop fittings
Furniture, indoor/outdoor for entertainment for relaxing

  • Chairs
  • Benches
  • Cupboards/Cabinets
  • Tables (Dining/Coffee, etc)
  • Benchtops
  • Desks
  • Doors

Decorative - Feature walls, bed heads, clocks, wine racks, wall hangings, etc.

Recycled pallet timber adds character, rustic charm and appeal to practically any setting for which it might be used.

You're only really limited by your imagination!


Eco Responsibility

Heat Treated Pine pallets

All our creations are made from heat treated pine pallets only

We only use heat treated pine pallets for all of our creations, simply because they are not treated with any nasty chemicals, making them safe for all purposes.

Apart from being heat treated, why do we upcycle just Pine pallets? Pine is an incredibly versatile timber, it's lightweight and strong and comes from sustainable managed plantations.

Pine is easy to work with, making creating projects a pleasure. And because it's so workable it cuts the time involved in completing any project.

Being a softwood, by giving it added protection with certain finishes, it will prolong the life of the timber for many, many more years than just leaving it unfinished. For example, using the timber to create outdoor furniture, then waterproofing it and protecting it from harmful Australian UV rays as much as possible. With the right eco-friendly treatment this not only makes it last for quite a long time, but also ehances the aesthetic appeal.

Pine is also naturally pleasing to the eye, the warmth of this timber is soothing and makes one feel in touch with nature. Pine has natural patterns and grains in the wood which gives it that particular charm.

Pine is resistant against wear, making it an ideal timber for a creation that will receive a high amount of use.

And by rescuing pallets from going to landfill it will help reduce the burden on our already over-burdened environment.